Our QA/QC commissioning services give peace of mind that the commissioning of your project is being carried out in accordance with international codes, underpinned by the Commtech Audit Trail - more commonly known as the CAT system.


In all projects there is a need to monitor not only the installation but also the collation and recording of items and/or events that lead to progress hold points. Commtech has made enhancements to this process by creating the Commtech Audit Trail (CAT System), which can be followed not only by the commissioning manager/validation engineer, but also the main contractor and individual trade contractors. We would actively encourage 'buy-in' from trade contractors, in the same way we would with regard to our progress reporting process, in order to minimise potential argument as to exact reporting values. The CAT system not only monitors the trade contractors but monitors the commissioning management process as well.

The audit trail promotes a positive attitude to ensuring that all requirements are understood and met by all participating parties, resulting in a smoother application of the commissioning management process. The CAT system has six stages, applicable to plant/systems:


Design review (commissionability) and commissioning management set-up. Agrees and verifies procedures and processes to be utilised on the project; confirms review elements are completed and subject to the audit trail.


Verifies/signs off the criteria required to achieve static completion prior to commencing pre-commissioning.


Verifies/signs off the criteria required to achieve the completion of pre-commissioning elements prior to the commencement of commissioning activities.


Verifies/signs off the criteria required to achieve the completion of all standalone commissioning elements, prior to the commencement of integrated systems commissioning activities and performance testing.


Verifies/signs off the final integrated systems testing and demonstrations, performance tests, and environmental tests.


Verifies/signs off the handover and acceptance of final documentation associated with the formal acceptance (PC) of the project.


Soft Landings is a service whereby designers and constructors staying involved with buildings beyond practical completion. This will assist you during the first months of operation and beyond, to help fine-tune and de-bug systems, and ensure that occupiers understand how to control and best use their buildings.

Commissioning aftercare is gaining recognition as it has become a requirement of building regulations and environmental standards, ensuring that mechanical, electrical and public health (MEP) building services continue to run in optimal condition.

Extended aftercare, with monitoring, performance reviews and feedback, helps occupants make better use of their buildings, while clients, designers, builders and managers gain a better understanding of what to do next time.

Soft Landings starts by raising awareness of performance in the early stages of briefing and feasibility, by setting realistic targets, and by assigning responsibilities. It then assists the management of expectations through design, construction and commissioning, and into initial operation, with particular attention to detail in the weeks immediately before and after handover.

As commissioning engineers we offer activities to benchmark performance against data recorded at practical completion. However, on-going 'fine tuning' of building services is a necessity to ensure optimum performance and correct environmental conditions.


In some cases projects do not perform as expected. In these circumstances a service can be parachuted in to establish control and deliver clear direction. Commtech's Project Completion team can arrive on site and quickly understand project-critical hold points and execute objectives and programmes to get your project back on track. We will then progress these objectives on site and ensure that a common goal is clearly communicated and bought into by all the stake holders.


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